Why live different?


At this point, if you have been following my blog posts you have noticed the obvious fact that much of what I talk about is spiritual and has to do with God. Maybe that encourages you, or maybe that annoys you in all honesty sometimes. However, I will never apologize, feel bad, or change what I talk about or the way that I choose to live my life because of the opinions of others’. I live my life completely sold out for Jesus Christ, and I forever will, let me tell you why…


I do not have this super extravagant coming to Jesus story where I was not a Christian most of my life and somehow met God along the way. I was raised in a Christian home and grew up in the church. This, however, does not mean that God has not done some extravagant things in my life. You see, because of what God has done for me, and because of the life that I have literally only because of what Jesus did on the cross for me (and you), I cannot live my life any other way than completely sold out for Him. I seriously cannot picture it another way. I owe God my life for this very reason, and it’s not because I feel forced or obligated to live my life this way, it’s because I know that all God desires in return from me for all of that is a relationship with me. Therefore, my goal in life is to help others so that they may (hopefully!) be able to experience God the way that I have throughout my life, and still do, because it just keeps getting better! Life with God is the biggest and greatest adventure that you could allow yourself to go on. I have had so many testimonies in my life that were only possible because of God from the time I was born. From being miraculously healed after an injury that was going to make me go potentially blind in my right eye at the age of two, and from being healed from fear, anxiety, depression, and other physical issues throughout my life as well… and not to mention the testimonies that I have been a vessel for God to move through to bring healing to other people’s lives. These are some of the exciting things I am talking about when I mention being on this great adventure with God! 


Moreover, I know that God is good and that his word is true, not only because that is what the bible says, but because of the works that He has done in me and that I have seen Him time after time do in general and for others. If you haven’t seen or been apart of something like this in life, I encourage you to dig deeper. Go further in your relationship with God, and seek intimacy with Him because He isn’t withholding Himself from you. God is simply waiting for you to genuinely want to pursue a relationship with Him so that He may have your personal permission to do what it is that He wants to do in and through you. 


Live different in this world that we live in by choosing God daily, because if you do the more you get to know God the more you will become like Him. The more we are able to accurately represent God and show others who He is in His true nature the better we can spread the gospel and make disciples out of His people. Making disciples of all nations is not just some ancient commandment that God gave His people back in biblical times, it is one of the most important commandments we have been given that was intended for all time periods because peoples lives are honestly at risk here. Sin does, in fact, kill people. Yes, sin leads to death you read me right! People are dying on our behalf when we fail to speak up and talk to others about God. This is why I am trying to stress the importance of choosing to live life differently from the rest of the world. 


I want to strongly encourage you at this time to take this message and do some serious soul searching. If you do find yourself struggling to live different in the world, because let’s face it we all have and will at some point, think about the reasons that I have listed as to why it is important. People’s lives are at risk, and you may be the only example of who Jesus is to someone. Do not take that fact lightly. Let’s think a little less about ourselves and more about how we can be walking examples of who God truly is. Walk in love and choose God daily. Watch as your life gets radically changed by Him in the best way possible. He’s waiting to use you. 



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